Evaluation of shared use park and ride impact on properties

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policy - parking, economics - revenue, economics - appraisal/evaluation, economics - benefits, mode - park and ride


Behavior, Economic benefits, Fringe parking, Revenues, Ridership, Shared parking, Shoppers, Shopping centers, Transit operating agencies


The purpose of this study is to document the economic benefit of shared use park and ride facilities located at retail centers. Transit agencies usually perceive shared use park and ride as mutually beneficial to both the transit agency through savings in land and development costs and to park and ride providers through an increase in customer base and sales. In contrast, park and ride providers may hold negative perceptions about shared use park and ride and often feel that allowing a shared use park and ride on their property will bring problems such as increased liability, vandalism, and litter, and will occupy spaces that potential shoppers might have used. This study attempts to document whether the presence of a "Shared Use Park & Ride" has influence on shopping behavior patterns, whether it generates revenues for park and ride providers, and whether it generates ridership for transit service providers.