Model regulations and plan amendments for multimodal transportation districts

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land use - planning, organisation - regulation, mode - pedestrian


Amendments, Bicycling Florida, Land use, Level of service, Local government, Multimodal transportation, Public transit, Real estate development, Regulations, Strategic planning, Transportation planning, Walking


In 1999, the Florida legislature enabled local governments to establish Multimodal Transportation Districts (MMTD) in their comprehensive plan as a means of promoting a high quality multimodal environment within selected urban areas. The Florida Department of Transportation and its partners have engaged in several projects to support a more multimodal approach to transportation and development planning. These efforts have included development of multimodal level of service standards, as well as procedures for determining multimodal level of service and concurrency. This project builds on that work by providing model comprehensive plan amendments and land development regulations to assist local governments in implementing multimodal transportation districts, where priority is placed on walking, bicycling and transit use through a coordinated package of land use and transportation strategies.