Strategies for an Intra-Urban Circulator System

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planning - travel demand management, planning - history, land use - planning, land use - smart growth, ridership - demand, ridership - growth, organisation - management, place - urban


Best practices, Case studies, Circulator system, Communities, Florida, Guidelines, Guideways, History, Smart growth, Strategic planning, Travel demand management, Trolley cars, Urban areas, Urban development, Urban transit


Currently, there are several urban communities that have implemented trolley/circulators or are in the process of developing such services. In general, proponents of central business development and smart growth have been some of the supporters of circulator systems in downtown cores. Because of nostalgia and their historical experiences, one of the most favored modes has been the trolley (fixed and non-fixed guideway). However, while several urban communities have recently implemented trolley services, or are in the process of developing one, currently there are no such guidelines to use in the implementation and operation of the service. Therefore, the case studies in this report identifying key elements of successful practices can be an important resource for these entities. This study develops a synthesis of existing circulator systems in Florida and other select systems around the country. The study further identifies key characteristics for developing an effective circulator system as well as critical operating strategies. Finally, general guidelines are provided from which individual Florida communities and others across the country or elsewhere can develop systems unique to their needs.