Bus Incident Reporting, Tracking and Analysis System

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operations - traffic, infrastructure - track, planning - route design, planning - safety/accidents, planning - safety/accidents, mode - bus


Accident data, Accident locations, Bus routes, Bus transit, Databases, Florida, Incident forms, Incident reporting, Roadway characteristics, Traffic accidents, Transit incidents, Transit safety, Web-based incident tracking system


Many Florida transit systems do little formal analysis of all accidents on an aggregate basis. In many transit system accidents and incidents are not being tracked or analyzed to identify common trends from types of incidents, location, driver, bus route, roadway characteristics and other variables that may reduce transit incidents in the future. The goal of the project was to develop a basic bus incident reporting system for bus transit accidents and security incidents for Florida's public transit agency. This project will allow transit systems to easily enter and track types of accident and incidents by developing incident forms, along with the ability to analyze and report common trends in accident data over time. Another goal of the project was to develop a system that in the future could easily transfer the database and data to a statewide web-based incident tracking system.