Public Transportation Synthesis Series III: Relationships between business and public transportation


J A. Goodwill

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land use - impacts, ridership - forecasting, ridership - forecasting, economics - benefits, mode - bus


Benefit cost analysis, Businesses, Economic benefits, Economic impacts, Financial analysis, Florida, Forecasting, Public transit, Social benefits, Syntheses


The goal of this public transportation synthesis series research is to document the positive and successful linkages and relationships between public transportation, the business community, and the national, state and local economy. As funding for public services becomes more competitive, it is essential to maintain public support to detail the direct and indirect benefits that public transportation services provide - both the economic and community benefits. This report provides an overview of the importance of public transportation in the United States. Cost/Benefit methodologies are summarized, including economic multiplier effects. A summary of public transportation systems operating in Florida with current operating and financial data is provided. Forecasts of the economic impacts and benefits that Florida public transportation systems provide are estimated.