Repair Time Standards for Transit Vehicle-Phase III

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operations - reliability, infrastructure - vehicle, planning - standards, mode - bus, mode - rail, mode - subway/metro


Atlanta (Georgia), Benchmarks, Bus transit, Central Florida, Costs, Engines, Facilities, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Metropolitan Bus Authority (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Metropolitan Transit Authority (New York City), Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York, New York City, Public transit, Reliability of service, Repair time standards, Repairing, San Francisco (California), San Francisco Municipal Railway, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Time, Vehicles


This project is the continuation of the successful Repair Time Standards research initiative started two years ago to establish accurate repair time standards for vehicles in public transit systems. During this third phase the engine removal and replacement system were studied and evaluated. Standards that optimize the time required to perform tasks, continually improve reliability of services and conserve resources at a minimum cost will be established. One of the tasks during phase III was to benchmark the proposed methodology and preliminary results with current practices from other transit agencies nationwide including the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City, New York; the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authorization in Atlanta, Georgia; the San Francisco Municipal Railway in San Francisco, California; and the Metropolitan Bus Authority in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This report summarizes the results of the visits to these facilities. In addition, during this research the authors explored another technique used for developing standards namely MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standard (MODAPTS). This tool was used to validate the observations taken at the various transit facilities in central Florida, and to develop reliable standards which resulted on improved productivity.