Guidelines and Performance Measures to Incorporate Transit and Other Multimodal Considerations into the FDOT DRI Review Process

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operations - performance, land use - planning, organisation - performance, mode - other


Development review process, Florida Department of Transportation, Guidelines, Impact studies, Multimodal transportation, Performance measurement, Public transit, Strategic planning


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) staff participates in the review of developments of regional impact (DRIs) to evaluate impacts on the state transportation system using guidance in the FDOT “Site Impact Handbook” (Handbook). This review, via DRI Question 21, allows for the consideration of transit and other alternative modes of transportation; however, because few applicants include a detailed multimodal analysis as part of their application, there is little information available for FDOT review and comment. Further, there are no specific guidelines for FDOT staff regarding how to incorporate transit and other multimodal strategies into DRI reviews. This report supplements the instructions for performing DRI reviews in the “Site Impact Handbook” with specific guidance on incorporating transit and other multimodal strategies in the DRI review process directed to FDOT staff and consultants. In some cases, this guidance may be applicable to other types of development review. Other transportation planning partners such as regional planning councils, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, transit authorities and agencies, transportation management associations, and the development community may find these guidelines useful in the development review process.