Evaluation of Electronic Data Recorder for Incident Investigation, Driver Performance and Vehicle Maintenance

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operations - performance, infrastructure - vehicle, ridership - drivers, economics - appraisal/evaluation, organisation - performance, mode - bus


Bus drivers, Bus transit, Event data recorders, Florida, Incident detection, Performance, Vehicle maintenance, Video cameras


The objective of this research project was to evaluate the benefits that Event Data Recorders (EDRs) could provide to transit agencies in three areas: incident investigation, driver performance, and vehicle maintenance. Due to the problems experienced with the installation of the unit, software issues, and the operation of the EDR unit in new and existing buses since the beginning of the vendor contract, researchers have been unable to identify transit agencies in Florida that are using EDR unit data. Transit agencies in Florida that have attempted to use EDRs quickly became frustrated due to poor customer service from the vendor, poor manufacturer installation of the unit, software problems, and operational issues with the EDR unit that took significant time to resolve. This research report provides a description of the EDR systems currently in use by the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) Program and other commercial products available, as well as experiences noted by agency representatives, maintenance technicians, and TRIPS staff related to deployment, vendor responsiveness and assistance, and data extraction and use; the potential for modifications to the way in which the technology is applied within the TRIPS program; and recommendations for improvements to the procurement, installation, and use of the technology by public transportation agencies.