The ACS Statistical Analyzer


Xuehao Chu

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planning - surveys


ACS, Census 2000, Estimates, precision, ACS Statistical Analyzer, averages, medians, ratios, percentages, frequencies, totals


This document provides guidance for using the ACS Statistical Analyzer. It is an Excel-based template for users of estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS) to assess the precision of individual estimates and to compare pairs of estimates for their statistical differences. The ACS Statistical Analyzer covers the following four functions and fifteen sub-functions (not listed): (1) To derive other precision measures for published ACS estimates at American FactFinder or from the Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP), which already have a margin of error (MOE); (2) To derive the precision measures for estimates that do not already have an MOE; (3) To derive the precision measures of new estimates obtained from two or more original estimates that already have an MOE; and (4) To compare pairs of two estimates that already have an MOE. Measures of precision for an estimate include its MOE, relative reliability, and confidence interval. The implementation of the ACS Statistical Analyzer is expected to reduce the agency cost of, and to lessen the technical barriers to, dealing with the precision of ACS estimates when agencies use these estimates. These direct benefits in turn can lead to wider and more effective usage of ACS data.