A new collective public transport system, Regiotaxi KAN

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Conference Paper

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mode - taxi


The Arnhem - Nijmegen Region, a Region where 21 municipalities participate, with 680.000 inhabitants has introduced on the first of June 2000 the 'Regiotaxi Arnhem-Nijmegen Region. The Regiotaxi KAN is an (on demand) Collective Public transport System for everybody. The Regiontaxi KAN has made already about 92,000 trips with more than 121,000 passengers in the month September 2002. Regiotaxi KAN could be a new product for the Transportation Management Associations. IT could also make a contribution to the solution on Mobility management for Business -sites in the Region, especially in the suburbs without any or only a small, provision of Public Transport. The presentation will contain the following subjects: The first experiences of a large Company with 1000 employees, the European Tender of the project, the basic points of the European Tender, the final selection of the Tender with the selection criteria. Information of the municipalities and Commitment of participation. The final order to Transportation Organisation. An overview of the implementation of the project with elements as: * The vehicles; * Hardware and software; * Training personnel; * Call centre Regiotaxi; * Trip-Planning centres Arnhem and Nijmegen; * Weekly planning during the implementation; * Management--group; * The communication program, Information evenings for users; * The administrative organisation; * An independent Customers Complain Telephone Centre; * An Consumer-platform and the Regiotaxi KAN Website. Maintenance of the information made by a management report, contents about the trip, the municipality and the financial information. Results of the Evaluation of the Regiotaxi KAN from June 2000 – May 2002.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.