Real time passenger information: the benefits and costs

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Conference Paper

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planning - signage/information, economics - benefits, technology - passenger information


In Ireland the government is about to initiate institutional and regulatory change in Dublin, resulting in the eventual establishment of a single authority with control over land use and transport planning and public transport regulation, which for the purposes of the paper will be called the Dublin Transport Authority (DTA). The government is also planning the introduction of competition in the bus market. Under this new structure it is unclear as to who will be required to invest in certain passenger information services, the DTA or the public transport operator. This paper focuses on the provision of on-street Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays and discusses how RTPI could be funded. This paper will look at European examples of RTPI systems and draws from existing practice in Europe with regard to which body should pay for the RTPI system. The paper will detail a hypothetical costing of implementing a citywide RTPI system and discuss the results.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.