New public transport lines in the lie-de-France region Meteor and Eole: are they worth the money?


L Debrincat

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Conference Paper

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place - europe


In the 80's, public transport in the lie-de-France region had to deal with the ceaseless increase of RER A's patronage. On the most crowded section of this line, part of the express regional network (RER), traffic had reached the capacity restraint, around 60,000 passengers in the morning peak hour. This success made RER A one of the most crowded urban public transport lines in the world. The creation of the express regional network was one of the most important innovations of the urban development plan approved in 1965. RERA links together the eastern and western suburbs from the new town of Marne-la- Vall6e (where Disneyland Paris is located) to another new town, Cergy- Pontoise. In between, it services the Central Business District of Paris and the tertiary site of La D~fense (110,000 jobs). The increase of its traffic over the years was therefore not completely surprising though not really foreseen. The line couldn't absorb any supplementary traffic as all possible technical measures, such as automatic train control to offer more capacity, had already been tried. Furthermore, traffic growth was supposed to continue in the future to finally reach 70,000 passengers in 2000 on the most congested section corresponding to a capacity deficit of 15 %.


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