Effective Use of Transit Websites


B. Schaller

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planning - surveys, planning - marketing/promotion, planning - signage/information, literature review - literature review


Administration, Design, Interviewing, Literature reviews, Market research, Marketing, Surveys, Transit operating agencies, Websites (Information retrieval)


This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency professionals and the consultants who work with them in dealing with website design. Transit executives and website managers and designers can use this report to learn from the experiences of other agencies and to compare their own experiences with those of others. It explores current practices and recent experiences concerning website design, marketing, and administration. This document integrates information from several sources. It is based on data collected from a review of the relevant literature and survey responses from 47 transit agencies, a cross section of the U.S. transit industry. Also, information was collected for this report from surveys and interviews with website managers, analyses of server logs showing website usage, as well as market research results from several agencies.


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