Corporate Culture as the Driver of Transit Leadership Practices


M. J. Davis

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planning - surveys, organisation - management, literature review - literature review


Case studies, Corporate culture, Hiring policies, Human resources management, Innovation, Leadership, Literature reviews, Managerial personnel, Personnel development, Personnel retention, Recruiting, State of the practice, Surveys, Transit operating agencies


This report will be of interest to transit staff interested in implementing leadership development initiatives at their agencies. Current practices, major issues, trends, and innovations related to the use of corporate culture as the driver in hiring, developing, evaluating, and retaining a leadership team, within and outside the transit industry were documented for this synthesis. The report discusses the state of the practice in leadership recruitment, development, evaluation, and retention. It reports on innovative approaches to the problems faced in today's work environment in transit and other industries. This synthesis also covers the manner in which corporate culture affects the hiring, development, evaluation, and retention of the top management team. This synthesis integrates information from a review of relevant literature and research with survey responses obtained from staff at transit agencies across the country, as well as from follow-up telephone calls and e-mail contacts. Case study information was collected from six agencies whose chief executives are industry, community, and national leaders who understand their role is larger than providing quality public transportation services on a day-to-day basis.


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