Yield to Bus -- State of the Practice


R. D. King

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infrastructure - stop, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, planning - surveys, ridership - drivers, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Acceptance, Awareness, British Columbia, Bus drivers, Bus priority, Bus stops, Bus transit operations, California, Case studies, Florida, Literature reviews, Oregon, State of the practice, State of Washington, Surveys, Transit operating agencies, Washington (State), Yield to bus laws


This synthesis report will be of interest to transit agency staff and those who work with them in dealing with Yield to Bus (YTB) programs. It offers information on existing YTB programs and documents transit agency experiences for the benefit of others considering implementation of similar programs. The report focuses on YTB programs in California, Florida, Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia. It documents information gathered about the legislative process and history; program implementation, including public awareness and education campaigns, employee awareness and training, and the design and location of the yield display on the bus; as well as transit agency experiences covering transit operational issues, traffic operational issues, institutional issues, and public acceptance. This report integrates the information obtained from a literature review and from Internet searches, with survey responses obtained from staff at transit agencies in California, Florida, Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia. In addition, survey responses from bus operators at several transit agencies convey their perceptions as to the effectiveness of YTB programs. Case studies offer additional information.


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