Emergency Response Procedures for Natural Gas Transit Vehicles


M. J. Murphy

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operations - traffic, infrastructure - vehicle, planning - surveys, organisation - management, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Case studies, Emergency management, Literature reviews, Natural gas buses, State of the practice, Surveys, Traffic incidents, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis provides information for transit and transportation professionals who seek to address safety concerns and various educational issues. It is intended for first responders to natural gas incidents--emergency response professionals such as police officers and firefighters; transit agency operations and maintenance employees, police, and security guards; and certain members of the general public. The report offers insight into current practices determined by a combination of agency surveys and an examination of actual procedures provided by several transit agencies. This report includes survey responses from 19 transit agencies operating 3,130 natural gas buses in the United States. The report presents a review of relevant literature, as well as anecdotal information. Also included are case studies illustrating current response situations and examples of adopted procedures used for handling both facility and vehicle emergencies.


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