Practices in No-Show and Late Cancellation Policies for ADA Paratransit

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planning - surveys, mode - paratransit


Americans with Disabilities Act, Case studies, Compliance, Late cancellations, No-show passengers, Paratransit services, Physically handicapped persons, Policy, State of the practice, Surveys, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis documents current and innovative practices of U.S. transit agencies in the development and implementation of passenger no-show and late cancellation policies for paratransit programs operated under the regulatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). It describes how some policies are administered, the community response, and their effectiveness in small, medium, and large transit agencies surveyed. It examines policies both as a way to improve system productivity, efficiency, and capacity, and as a means to better serve riders with disabilities who may experience difficulties with the advance reservation aspect of most ADA complementary paratransit operations. This topic is of interest to transit agencies that are responsible for providing ADA complementary paratransit that is efficient, cost-effective, and responsive to customer needs. It is also of interest to the disability community and other stakeholders who are concerned about having access to transportation services that are efficient, cost-effective, and appropriate for customer needs. A detailed on-line survey was conducted to gather information from U.S. transit agencies that are responsible for providing ADA paratransit services. Based on survey results, topical case studies were developed to highlight specific policies and practices. These were combined with a comprehensive overview of ADA regulatory requirements, supplemented by a review of published Federal Transit Administration findings in some recent compliance reviews, to offer useful information.


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