Design of Personal Rapid Transit Circulator for Major Activity Center: Hacienda Business Park, Pleasanton, California

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Journal Article

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operations - capacity, mode - bus, mode - mass transit


Transit service capacity, Transit, San Francisco Bay Area, Ridership, Public transit, PRT, Pleasanton (California), Personal rapid transit, Patronage (Transit ridership), Office parks, Mobility, Mixed use development, Mass transit, Major activity centers, Local transit, Line haul, Joint occupancy of buildings, Enterprise parks, Design, Commuters, Business parks, Alinement, Alignment, Activity centers


The design of a comprehensive mobility system for a suburban San Francisco, California, East Bay Area office park exposes a number of new transit circulator implementation challenges. Original system design perspectives are provided for many aspects. These include horizontal mixed use and how resident out-commuters will generate more trips than do employee in-commuters; line-haul transit capacity constraints that loom as an obstacle to rapid spread of personal rapid transit (PRT) circulators; PRT station placement challenges with office park superblocks; design methodology to allocate PRT stations to workers and residents; and ideal office park characteristics for PRT alignments. Also considered are problems with generating too much PRT circulator ridership (solved by semi-independent loops); multimodal transit hubs at the edges of the PRT alignment; PRT alignment style choices; and the need for folding grocery carts and other solutions when the car is left at home.