Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning

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planning - surveys, land use - planning, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Bus transit, Case studies, Land use planning, Literature reviews, Real estate development, State of the practice, Strategic planning, Surveys, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis will be of interest to transit planners and managers and to those who work with them to develop relationships with local governments and other stakeholders that improve the integration of bus transit and land development. It documents the relationship between bus transit service and planning for new developments. This synthesis identifies successful strategies that assist in the incorporation of bus transit service into land developments, as well as the challenges that transit agencies face when attempting to do so. It also provides the state of the practice regarding the use and components of transit agency development guidelines. A literature review is presented, along with a discussion of survey results from 32 transit agencies that shared their experiences with land development. Five case studies highlight successful coordination efforts between bus transit planning and land development planning.


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