Use of Biodiesel in a Transit Fleet

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infrastructure - fleet management, planning - surveys, economics - benefits, organisation - management, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Benefits, Biodiesel fuels, Bus maintenance, Case studies, Cold weather, Emissions testing, Engines, Fleet management, Fuel delivery, Fuel storage, Literature reviews, Procurement, Specifications, State of the practice, Surveys, Transit buses, Transit operating agencies, Warranty


This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency managers, maintenance and operation staffs, and other professionals involved in developing a program to actively manage the implementation of biodiesel fuel and its use in a bus transit fleet. It documents a full range of benefits offered by biodiesel with the thought that once the subject is understood, transit agencies can make informed decisions regarding its use. Successful implementation of biodiesel requires agencies to improve their understanding of how biodiesel differs from diesel, and the various steps needed to avoid problems resulting from these differences and components of transit agency development guidelines. Topics covered include engine manufacturer requirements and warranty considerations, maintenance implications, emissions testing results, cold weather operations, fuel specifications and procurement considerations, fuel storage, and delivery. The synthesis includes findings from an extensive literature review, incorporates survey responses from 43 transit agencies, and closely examines biodiesel implementation at two transit agencies as case studies.


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