AVL Systems for Bus Transit: Update


Doug J. Parker

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infrastructure - vehicle, planning - surveys, economics - benefits, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Automatic vehicle location, Benefits, Bus transit, Computer aided dispatch systems, Costs, Interviewing, Literature reviews, State of the practice, Surveys, Technological innovations, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis documents the state of the practice, focusing on the uses of computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems in fixed-route and demand-responsive services (bus AVL), as well as changes in agency practices related to the use of AVL systems. The information will be of interest to transit agency managers, and maintenance, operations, planning, and business staffs, as well as other professionals involved in overall transit technology development. Information is presented on the characteristics of implemented bus AVL systems; on agency experiences with designing, procuring, implementing, integrating, and using these systems; and on benefits and costs. Information presented in this synthesis was obtained from a literature review, the responses from 32 transit agencies to a selected survey effort, and the findings from case study interviews.


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