Transit Systems in College and University Communities

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planning - surveys, land use - planning, mode - bus, literature review - literature review


Bus transit operations, Campus transportation, Case studies, Innovation, Literature reviews, Partnerships, Policy, Public transit, State of the practice, Surveys, Transportation planning, Universities and colleges


This synthesis updates an earlier synthesis offering information on the planning, implementation, and operation of campus transit systems by moving to a focus on the communities in which schools are located. It includes local and regional transportation systems that serve college and university campuses. This report inquires into the current state of the practice with focused case studies. It presents information about practices and trends in the areas of transit operations, and campus policies and planning, with a special focus area in technology and environmental innovations. One underlying question regards the structure of transportation offered, including the interactions between services and unusual and innovative partnership strategies used to enhance services for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. This report was accomplished through a review of the relevant literature and surveys of transit providers serving college and university communities. Responses were received from a wide variety of schools, local transit systems, and government agencies.


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