Strategies to Attract Auto Users to Public Transportation

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land use - planning, ridership - mode choice, policy - parking


Availability, Decision making, Implementation, Mode choice, Parking, Policy making, Prices, Public transit, Ridership, Strategic planning


This report will be of interest to transportation and urban planners and to local decisionmakers. The effectiveness of automobile parking strategies as a means of increasing transit ridership was analyzed. Eight strategies affecting the price and availability of parking and transit service levels were examined, alone and in combination, to assess their effects on travel mode choice, particularly transit. The study concludes that no single strategy is both effective and politically feasible enough to warrant implementation throughout a metropolitan area. Rather, the researchers recommend that policy-makers implement combinations of parking strategies, in response to the policy and transportation objectives of specific geographical areas. The final chapter of the report, an implementation guide, provides forms, examples, and other information to assist agencies in selecting combinations of parking strategies that will be appropriate for local needs.


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