The Role of Transit Amenities and Vehicle Characteristics in Building Transit Ridership: Amenities for Transit Handbook and The Transit Design Game Workbook

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infrastructure - vehicle, planning - surveys, ridership - commuting


Customers, Enhancements, Focus groups, Handbooks, Passengers, Public transit, Ridership, Surveys, Transit amenities, Transit personnel, Vehicle characteristics


This report consists of a Handbook and a Workbook. The Handbook identifies and describes passenger amenities and transit vehicle characteristics that attract ridership and explores how amenities may affect ridership. The Workbook includes information gathered from passenger surveys, focus groups, discussion sessions, and transit agency staff on the effect of recently implemented transit amenities on passengers. As a companion to the Workbook, a disk, "The Transit Design Game," enables transit agencies to survey their customers about their priorities for enhancements and estimate the potential effect of enhancements on ridership. The intended audience includes transit planners, designers, general managers, and project managers; transportation policy makers; city and regional planners; and suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers.


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