New Paradigms for Local Public Transportation Organizations; Task 5 Report: Opening the Door to Fundamental Change

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organisation - management, mode - bus


Businesses, Industries, Innovation, Management, Paradigm shift, Public transit, Social change


This is the second report published by the Transit Cooperative Research Program examining how new paradigms might be introduced into local public transportation. The report presents key ideas and principles that point the way to fundamental change. Examples are presented to illustrate how fundamental change has been introduced and sustained in other industries and businesses. The report is presented in the following chapters: (1) The Surviving Transit Paradigm; (2) Why Is Fundamental Change Needed? - Forces and Factors Driving Paradigm Shifts; (3) Emerging New Paradigms - How Are Business and Industry Responding?; and (4) Arriving at a New Paradigm for Public Transportation - From Managing Transit Assets to Managing Transportation Services. The appendices address the process for change, with emphasis placed on the importance of organizations being proactive, rather than reactive.


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