Flange Climb Derailment Criteria and Wheel/Rail Profile Management and Maintenance Guidelines for Transit Operations

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infrastructure - track, organisation - management, mode - rail, mode - car


Car wheels (Railroads), Derailments, Flanges, Lateral/vertical ratio limits, Maintenance practices, Rail transit, Railroad tracks, Wheels


This report includes the results of a research task carried out under Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Project D-7, "Joint Rail Transit-Related Research with the Association of American Railroads/Transportation Technology Center, Inc." The report includes flange climb derailment criteria for transit vehicles that include lateral-to-vertical (L/V) ratio limits and a corresponding flange-climb-distance limit, and it offers guidance that transit agencies can follow in their wheel and rail maintenance practices. This report should be of interest to engineers involved in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of rail transit systems.


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