Improving Public Transit Options for Older Persons

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land use - planning


aged, improvements, public transit, strategic planning, trend (statistics)


report will be of interest to practitioners and policymakers in agencies and organizations that plan, provide, administer, and fund public transit that may serve older persons. The research presents information for public transportation providers and planners to address future transportation challenges generated by an increasingly older society. It describes exemplary transportation services and innovative transportation alternatives that will enable older persons in the United States to maintain the independence they want. This second volume of the two-volume report contains the final report which describes in detail the processes and findings of the research project. The final report includes four sections: (1) Trends and Prospects, (2) Transit System Characteristics That Better Serve the Travel Needs of Older Persons, (3) Strategies for Implementing Better Transportation Services for Older Persons, and (4) Conclusion: Stepping Up to the Challenges to Better Transportation Services for Older Persons.


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