Intrusion Detection for Public Transportation Facilities Handbook

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infrastructure - vehicle, economics - benefits, mode - bus, mode - rail


Benefits, Bus and high occupancy vehicle facilities, Costs, Detection and identification systems, Handbooks, Intrusion deterrence, Needs assessment, Public transit, Rail transit facilities, Rapid transit cars, Risk assessment, Security, Special purpose vehicles, System design, Transit buses


TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 86: Public Transportation Security, Volume 4: Intrusion Detection for Public Transportation Facilities Handbook addresses transit agencies’ needs for evaluating and upgrading the intrusion detection systems applicable to the spectrum of their facilities (including tunnels, bridges, buildings, power stations, transfer stations, rail yards, bus yards, and parking lots) and their transit vehicles (such as buses, trains, support vehicles, and special-purpose vehicles). The Handbook provides guidance on assessing system needs; developing system designs; and estimating system costs, benefits, and risks.


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