Bus Rapid Transit, Volume 2: Implementation Guidelines

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land use - planning, mode - bus, mode - bus rapid transit


Applications, Bus rapid transit, Bus terminals, Case studies, Fare collection, Guidelines, Implementation, Intelligent transportation systems, Operations, Planning, Rapid transit buses, Running ways


This report, which is published as a two-volume set, identifies the potential range of bus rapid transit (BRT) applications through 26 case studies and provides planning and implementation guidelines for BRT. This report will be useful to policy-makers, chief executive officers, senior managers, and planners. This volume, Volume 2, covers the main components of BRT and describes BRT concepts, planning considerations, key issues, the system development process, desirable conditions for BRT, and general planning principles. It also provides an overview of system types and elements, including stations, vehicles, services, fare collection, running ways, and intelligent transportation system applications. Volume 1 provides information on the potential range of BRT applications, covering planning and implementation background and system description, including operations and physical elements.


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