Shared Use of Railroad Infrastructure with Noncompliant Public Transit Rail Vehicles: A Practitioner's Guide

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infrastructure - track, infrastructure - vehicle, organisation - management, mode - bus, mode - rail, mode - tram/light rail


barriers to implementation, business models, case studies, freight trains, light rail vehicles, railroad tracks, risk management, shared tracks, shared use, technological innovations


Guide includes a business case for the shared use of non-Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)-compliant public transit rail vehicles (e.g., light rail vehicles) with freight operations and offers a suggested business model for such shared-use operations. The Guide also identifies the advantages and disadvantages of shared-use operations and the issues and barriers that can arise in the course of implementation. The Guide includes a section that identifies and evaluates available and emerging technology, operating procedures, and techniques that could be used to minimize the risks associated with sharing of track between non-FRA-compliant public transit rail vehicles and freight railroad operations. Finally, the Guide includes descriptions and sources of real-world examples of these applications. This Guide will be helpful to transit managers, transit operations planners, transportation consultants, state safety oversight agencies, and federal rail and transit oversight agencies.


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