Why we fail to reduce urban road traffic volumes: Does it matter how planners frame the problem?


Aud Tennøy

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

land use - planning, operations - traffic, place - urban


urban road traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, land use and transport planning, planners, framing, knowledge


If the objective of reducing urban road traffic volumes and GHG emissions from traffic is to be achieved, the way in which land use and transport systems in cities are planned and developed needs to change. Despite apparent agreement that this should be done and how it could be done, cities continue to be planned and developed in ways that cause and allow growth in urban road traffic volumes. In this paper we ask how planners frame the ‘transport problem’, and how their framing of the problem affects urban planning, the resulting plans and developments and the urban road traffic volumes. The discussions are based on findings from a case study, a survey and interviews with planning practitioners.


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