Smart stops - the key to Quality Bus success


P Kelly

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Conference Paper

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infrastructure - stop, mode - bus


The well-known problems in urban areas caused by traffic congestion, environmental pollution and safety are at last being addressed by strategies which include public transport as a core element. As part of the public transport mode, the bus is generally the most affordable and flexible solution. To be successful the concept of quality partnerships or Quality Bus is the most east effective way forward. However Quality Bus requires all aspects of the bus product to be addressed and a key part of this is the experience at the bus stop. To make this attractive to the customer the stop must signify the commencement of a high quality product delivery and this can be achieved by the Smart Stop. This paper is a vehicle for ideas but is based upon work carried out on bus stop improvements and Quality Bus projects in a number of areas in the UK in the last 5 years.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.