Getting commuters onto public transport - a survey in Merseyside


G Stokes

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Conference Paper

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place - europe


Passenger Transport Executives and other local authorities have been concerned, over many years, to attract car users onto public transport services. However, it is clear that policies have not always been successful in this aim~ with patronage falling in most areas, while car use has continued to rise. Much market research for bus use tends to concentrate on current users to ascertain their requirements for a bus service. The objective of this research was to start from the other end of the market and investigate the views of regular car commuters, rather than public transport users, to ascertain:- 1. What their attitudes are to public transport (and other trausport issues), and, 2. Under what circttmstances theywould cousider using public trausport. The aim is that, with information from such surveys PTEs may be able to target their future strategies to those car users who are more persuadable to use public transport. In order to attract more car users to public transport the aim would be to target the "next five per cent" who would be likely to change mode, rather than aiming for policies which might make public transport equally more attractive to all. To this end Transport and Travel Research Ltd was commissioned by Merseytravel to carry out 456 interviews with residents in Liverpool who lived in areas well served by public transport, but who comrmlted regularly to central Liverpool by car. The fieldwork was carried out during July and August 1995.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.