ITS in public transport: the need for integration

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Conference Paper

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planning - integration


New communications and computing technologies, usually described by the generic term of ITS (intelligent transportation systems) are now emerging as a set of key tools for improving the management and operation of public transport networks and ancillary services. Although at the present time many of these key ITS tools are being applied singularly to solve a particular problem, until now the full potential of the integration of ITS tools has not yet been adequately considered, nor the business case for such integration made. This paper identifies the ITS requirements of public transport modes and services and discusses the key tools available before concluding with a speculative look at the future potential of an integrated public transport ITS application. This includes an examination of all the disparate technologies and techniques capable of smoothing the integration of public transport modes and services (such as smartcard ticketing, automatic vehicle monitoring, trip planning and on-board information systems) as well as highlighting new ITS services which facilitate interactions between traditional public transport and other modes in order to achieve a modal switch away from the private car.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.