Experiences from fuel cell buses and ethanol buses in public transport in Stockholm

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Conference Paper

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mode - bus


This paper aims to present the experiences from large scale use of ethanol buses in the Stockholm Public transport system and the experiences from tests with fuel cell buses in the project Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE). Ethanol buses have been used in Stockholm since 18 years with very good results and the fleet of 250 buses will now be enlarged with another 120 buses during the next two years. Ethanol fuel (E95) is widely available and other cities will demonstrate fleets of ethanol buses within the EUfunded BEST project. The CUTE project is a demonstration project partly financed by the EC, where fuel cell buses and hydrogen infrastructure is demonstrated in nine European cities; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Porto, Stockholm and Stuttgart. Linked to the CUTE project are the projects Ecological City Transport System Icelandic (ECTOS) in Reykjavik on Iceland and Sustainable Transport Energy Program (STEP) project in Perth in the Western Australia. The paper will focus on the results and experiences from Stockholm but also present some material concerning the other cities.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.