A proposed methodology for measuring public transport accessibility to employment sites in the Auckland CBD

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Conference Paper

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place - cbd


There is currently a global focus to increase the use of alternative modes of transport, particularly the use of Public Transport (PT) with the aim of minimising the economic and environmental costs of traffic congestion. Part of this change is to improve accessibility. If the PT modal share is to be increased, the transport authorities, transport planners and other professionals need to ensure that the service is available to as many people as possible. To enable measurement and monitoring of PT, quality of service and accessibility ratings allow local authorities to define the level of service available to users at various times and locations. This information can then be used to influence decisions on land use planning, Travel Demand Management (TDM) schemes and planning regulations such as minimum or maximum parking requirements as well as being a useful tool to help predict modal share from new developments.

To date, measuring PT accessibility in New Zealand has been limited. This paper outlines a proposed methodology for assessing PT accessibility to work places in the Auckland CBD from the surrounding areas to map the CBD area according to calculated PT accessibility levels.