Transition to growth: transport as a springboard for economic growth


Michael Bealing

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Conference Paper

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Subject Area

ridership - growth


Transport infrastructure underpins economic and social activity by providing a framework for interaction in business and social activities. A well-developed transport system, that offers users choice, facilitates growth in the economy by supporting innovations, trade and agglomeration through providing a framework for connectivity on both a domestic and international scale. The state of the transport infrastructure can be either a springboard or stumbling block for economic growth and development in New Zealand. Therefore, the approach to transport investment is important because inappropriate or inadequate investment could constrain the growth and development in New Zealand.

Transport infrastructure will become an increasingly influential factor in urban areas as the population and urban density increases in New Zealand. The challenge is to understand where significant transport enhancements can be made to contribute to creating an environment for short term economic stimulus and long term economic development. This paper explores some of the international thinking and empirical research on the links between transport investment, productivity, economic growth and development based on international and New Zealand based research.