Panel survey approach to measuring season ticket use


Tomás Ruiz

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

technology - ticketing systems


This article presents the results of a panel survey designed to determine season travel ticket use in the metropolitan area of Valencia, Spain. The procedure consisted of surveying a randomly selected panel of season ticket users within a given study area in spring 2002, fall 2002, and late winter 2002–2003. A total of 143 respondents were recruited by phone calls from existing users of season tickets. Each respondent was asked to complete a four-day trip diary in each survey. Only 53 panelists gave a valid response in the second survey wave. Of the panelists who participated in the three waves, 31 provided valid responses. Results revealed a higher increase of season ticket use among those 45 years and older, followed by male users, travelers with more than one car at home, and those with car availability.


Permission to publish the abstract given by the Journal of Public Transportation.