Assessment of a transport policy potential for intermodal mode shift on a European scale

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Journal Article

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place - europe


modal shift, intermodal transport, transport policies, macro-scan, supply chain, policy action plan


Policies of general nature for improving the competitive position of intermodal transport have not always been successful. On the contrary, specific policies, such as targeting the supply chain or the offered services and transport are probably more effective in identifying and subsequently shifting transport from road to intermodal. The aim of the paper is the development of a methodology with the necessary tools to assess the potential of a specific policy measure to produce a modal shift in favour of intermodal transport. In addition, for the cases of positive outcomes, the necessary elements for the policy action plan are presented. The methodology comprises of three parts: a toolbox called the macro-scan, which assesses the potential for modal shift, a sensitivity analysis and the policy action plan. Thus, an insight on the impact of a modal shift on supply chains and on the potential for modal shift is acquired. The methodology, developed within the SPIN Research Project of the European Commission, will be useful to policy makers at governmental level as well as to the private sector, especially in the European Union countries.


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