Electronic service quality: Public transport information on the Internet

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Journal Article

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planning - service quality, planning - signage/information


As public transport companies market new self-service technologies, it has become increasingly important to understand the factors affecting the users’ perceived service quality of these services. Electronic Service Quality has been broadly defined as encompassing all phases of a customer’s interaction with a website. The E-S-QUAL scale comprises four dimensions. This article investigates the importance of three of the suggested quality dimensions (efficiency, system availability, and fulfillment) for overall satisfaction when using information-based websites. A survey was conducted with respondents being asked to use and evaluate an existing website delivering public transport information in their region. The results revealed that efficiency (addressing the ease and speed of using the site) was most important for overall satisfaction. Furthermore, it is concluded that a modified E-S-QUAL scale is appropriate for this purpose as it was possible to adapt it to a pure service-related website.


Permission to publish the abstract given by the Journal of Public Transportation