Measuring traveler involvement in urban public transport services: The case of Kaohsiung

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Journal Article

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mode - car, mode - mass transit, place - asia, planning - marketing/promotion, ridership - drivers, ridership - mode choice


Public transport, Involvement Theory, Service, Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT), Market segmentation


The city of Kaohsiung has been urgently reducing its rates of ownership and usage of privately owned motor vehicles. The most important strategy undertaken thus far has been to build mass rapid transit systems. This study aims to apply the Involvement Theory to construct an inventory to measure level of travelers’ involvement in public transport services. The results indicate that the number of low involvement travelers is the critical factor that determines whether the new public transport system can effectively operate. They also provide authorities with precise marketing strategies targeting different groups in order to allow the new public transport systems to sufficiently meet public needs.


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