Guidebook for Implementing Passenger Rail Service on Shared Passenger and Freight Corridors

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, place - north america, planning - education, planning - public consultation, economics - capital costs, infrastructure - rolling stock, ridership - commuting, infrastructure - right of way


Access, Capacity allocation, Freight and passenger traffic, Handbooks, Implementation, Infrastructure preservation, Intercity passenger rail, Operation and maintenance, Operational issues, Passenger rail services, Public private partnerships, Railroad commuter service, Shared use corridors


This Guidebook will aid states in developing public-private partnerships with private freight railroads to permit operation of passenger services over shared-use rail corridors. The Guidebook should encourage the broad acceptance of improved principles, processes, and methods to support agreements on access, allocation of operation and maintenance costs, capacity allocation, operational issues, future responsibilities for infrastructure improvements, and other fundamental issues that will affect the ultimate success of shared-use passenger and freight agreements between public and private railroad stakeholders.


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