A Guide for Planning and Operating Flexible Public Transportation Services

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place - north america, infrastructure - stop, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, operations - coordination, place - rural, place - urban, mode - bus rapid transit, mode - bus, mode - demand responsive transit, mode - paratransit


Financing, Flexible transit services, Guidelines, Institutional issues, Operational issues, Political factors, Public transit, Rural areas, Strategic planning, Transit operating agencies, Urban areas


This report describes the types of flexible transportation service strategies appropriate for small, medium, and large urban and rural transit agencies. This guide includes discussions on financial and political realities, operational issues, and institutional mechanisms appropriate for implementing and sustaining flexible transportation services. This guide will be helpful to public transportation providers, decision-makers, policymakers, planners, and others interested in considering flexible services. Appendices to the contractor's final report for TCRP Project B-35 are not published herein but are available on the TRB website (www.trb.org). The appendices are: (A) Flexible Public Transportation Survey Respondents; (B) Summary of Flexible Public Transportation Survey Responses; and (C) Flexible Public Transportation Services Website Information.