Methods for Forecasting Demand and Quantifying Need for Rural Passenger Transportation

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place - rural, place - north america, ridership - demand, planning - service level, ridership - forecasting, ridership - commuting


Data sources, Demand, Forecasting, Needs assessment, Ridership, Rural transit, Workbooks


This Workbook is intended to provide planners with the ability to answer questions regarding the magnitude of the need for public transit services within a geographic area, as well as the annual ridership (i.e. “demand”) that a transit service would be expected to carry. This Workbook is organized in four major chapters ‐ Introduction, Need, Demand, and Data Sources. Chapter I discusses the Workbook purpose and organization and provides definitions of terms used in the Workbook. The next two chapters provide methods for estimating need (Chapter II) and demand (Chapter III). Chapter IV lists sources for the data required for application of the methods.