Study of the impact of exclusive bus lane under highly heterogeneous traffic condition

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - bus/tram lane, mode - bus, mode - car, place - asia, ridership - mode choice


heterogeneous traffic, simulation, exclusive bus lane, modal shift, logit model, rickshaws


The objective of this paper is to study and quantify the possible impact of provision of exclusive bus lane under heterogeneous traffic condition. The quantum of increase in level of service of bus due to introduction of exclusive bus lane was determined using a simulation model of heterogeneous traffic flow. The impact of introduction of an exclusive bus lane is measured in terms of reduction in speed of other categories of motor vehicles, due to the consequent reduction in road space, over a wide range of traffic volume. The main finding of the simulation experiment is the quantification of the maximum permissible volume to capacity ratio that will ensure a level of service of C for the traffic stream comprising all the motor vehicles, except the buses, on a typical six-lane and eight-lane divided urban roads. This study is also concerned with estimation of the probable shift of the personal vehicle users to bus due to provision of exclusive bus lanes.


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