Socially acceptable annual holiday planning for the crew of a local public transport company in Germany


Sigrun Dewess

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

place - europe, organisation - management, technology - management information systems


crew secheduing, holiday planning, vacation scheduling, social scheduling


We consider the problem of socially acceptable annual holiday planning. A new model is developed taking into account legal, company and driver issues. Among others, it includes capacity constraints concerning different qualifications, holiday entitlements and connections between drivers. For each application for leave benefit values depending on family situations (e.g. driver has children of school age), other social criteria and priorities of applications are defined for each possible day of the application. The problem is solved by a heuristic two-stage algorithm. In the first stage we assume that applications for leave are approved, resolve capacity conflicts and arrange applications for leave to get a feasible solution with a high benefit. In the second stage we try to improve the gained feasible solution. Computational results show, that instances with up to 10,000 drivers can be solved within a reasonable amount of time.


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