Water-Transit Services in Dubai-UAE: User and Operator Survey Development and Quantitative Analysis

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Journal Article

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mode - ferry, planning - surveys, planning - service level, infrastructure - station


survey, marine transport system, Dubai, service level


The Marine Agency-Roads and Transport Authority (MA-RTA) of Dubai-UAE is currently undertaking a study to develop a new transport policy for service delivery. The goal of the new policy is to increase rider share and use of MA-RTA services. To attain this goal, a five-year service policy will be adopted to establish modern, cost-effective, and efficient services to attract higher ridership. An integral part of the development of the policy is to assess baseline conditions, particularly user and operator opinions of current services. This paper focuses on developing user and operator survey questionnaires and providing quantitative statistical analyses of survey results. The majority of the assessment tools for the operations practice indicated acceptable levels of services. However, there is a need for a reduction of trip fares, better facilities at the stations, and a broader survey to identify prospective users and attraction methods to the marine services. In addition, development of a database for the marine transport system could assist in better planning, operational, and management aspects of the system.


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