Transit Users' Route-Choice Modelling in Transit Assignment: A Review

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Journal Article

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ridership - behaviour, ridership - modelling, ridership - demand, planning - route design, technology - intelligent transport systems, ridership - forecasting


route choice, behavioural complexities


This paper reviews the main studies on transit users’ route choice in the context of transit assignment. The studies are categorized into three groups: static transit assignment, within-day dynamic transit assignment, and emerging approaches. The motivations and behavioural assumptions of these approaches are re-examined. The first group includes shortest-path heuristics in all-or-nothing assignment, random utility maximization route-choice models in stochastic assignment, and user equilibrium based assignment. The second group covers within-day dynamics in transit users’ route choice, transit network formulations, and dynamic transit assignment. The third group introduces the emerging studies on behavioural complexities, day-to-day dynamics, and real-time dynamics in transit users’ route choice. Future research directions are also discussed.