Impact of increasing mass transit share on energy use and emissions from transport sector for National Capital Territory of Delhi

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - rail, place - asia, policy - sustainable, technology - alternative fuels, planning - environmental impact


Sustainable transport system, Transport modeling, Environmental impact analysis, Bus rapid transit


The growth of personalized vehicles on road and the declining public transport share in Delhi is creating mounting environmental problems. An efficient public transport system may promote a shift towards mass transit modes resulting in reduced emission and cleaner environment. This study examines the impact on energy use and the environment that may take place after the introduction of alternative public transport systems. In this context, two scenarios – increased bus-transit and metro rail – are compared with a business as usual scenario. The comparisons are made in terms of energy used and emissions based on 2005 and shows that a bus dominated transit system would result in 31% reduction in energy use, while for a metro rail dominated transit system it would be 61%.


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