Evaluation Architecture Discussion of Route-Level Transit Service Quality

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Journal Article

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ridership - behaviour, ridership - perceptions, policy - congestion, place - asia, economics - value of time


traffic engineering, transit, service quality, passengers' perception, evaluation architecture


In this research, travelers' responses to transportation service according to their budgets on travel time, money, and energy expenditure are studied based on the analysis of intrinsic characteristics of transportation service and travelers. A new perspective of evaluating the route-level transit service quality, which is distinguished from that of network-level, is discussed with recommended system architecture, established based on value, energy expenditure, and information dimensions. Finally, suggestions of future work is given, in which, paying more attention to the ergonomic and psychological perspectives of travel issue is encouraged for revealing travel behavior from a more fundamental level, as well as providing theoretical support to the evaluation of transit service quality from passengers' perception.


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